The Structure of the ELNCA

A Board of Directors, made up of 12 residents, governs the ELNCA. Each of the 12 Directors serves a 3-year term and their terms are staggered. Therefore, the membership elects 4 new board members every year. Furthermore, there are three Officer positions – President, Vice-President, and Secretary – that the membership must elect from among the Directors, each of which serves a one-year term. Reelection is possible and there are no term limits. Elections are held in accordance with the ELNCA By-laws. Basically, any ELNCA member in good standing can vote.

Becoming a member of the ELNCA in good standing is a fairly painless process. First, you have to pay your dues of $10.00 to our Treasurer. Then you just have to show up and sign in at two monthly meetings during the year. That is it!

ELNCA Meetings

ELNCA meets to socialize, discuss issues of general concern, and vote on questions that require the neighborhood’s attention on the second Monday of every month (except for sometimes June and December) via Zoom. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and run anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the number of issues to be discussed. We encourage anyone considering moving into or doing business in the neighborhood to attend.

If you would like to request that you be added to the agenda, please contact the ELNCA President explaining who you are and describing the issue that you would like to present to the membership. Under the rules of the City of Atlanta, any East Lake resident or business with a zoning issue must present their case to the ELNCA before they can present it to the Neighborhood Planning Unit O (and to the Zoning Review Board and City Council thereafter).

We do not have meetings in June because of member summer travel schedules. In December, we have our ELNCA Holiday Party where we get together to revel in the spirit of the holidays.